A Human male from Imperial City who aspires to become a people's musician, stands up for worker rights and dislikes violence in a general way.



Adrian was born into a working class family like many denizens of Imperial City. However, after working in the profitable business of iron smelting for many years, he was able to escape the perils of industry and began exploring the areas outside the city. During his travels, he met a troupe of travelling musicians who taught him the basics of stringed instruments. After some months, he returned to Imperial City with experience and began to rally support for a working class movement.

Adrian's parents died naturally years ago and having never married and with no siblings, his focus is on his musicianship. While he has no real contacts in Imperial City, he has close ties with the members of The Malcontents travelling band.

Major Events:

  • Left Imperial City during his career to pursue adventure
  • Found The Malcontents on his travels and learned the way of the bard

Family and connections:

  • Parents died naturally
  • No siblings
  • Close friend of The Malcontents travelling band

Past Experiences:

  • Experienced in iron smelting and industrial life
  • Unsatisfied with the working class problems of Imperial City


Adrian's personality is somewhat mellow. He is not quick to anger and is slightly withdrawn. However, he is prepared to manipulate the social ladder to reach his goals, as long as those goals are, in his mind, for the greater good of the masses.

Character flaws:

  • Manipulative with good intentions
  • Often withdrawn in a social situation


  • Playing music
  • New technology and philosophy


  • Unlawful acts such as murder or thieving
  • High Disparity of Wealth between people


  • Diplomatic and prepared to make concessions
  • Forward thinking
  • Cautiously Optimistic


  • Unwilling to commit violence and other aggressive acts
  • Not very proficient in combat situations


  • Wealth distributed fairly among those that work for it
  • Pacifism


  • To play in King Davian's court so that he can bring a better quality of life to Imperial City's people
  • To be recognised as a musician of the people


  • Death
  • That the working people of Imperial City will fade into obscurity


  • Neutral


Adrian is between well built and average. He is capable of climbing, lifting and jumping without tiring. He has dark blue eyes, unkempt brown hair that reaches his shoulders that is controlled by a black head band and a rough goatee. He wears rough clothing consisting of a sleeveless tunic and baggy trousers and boots. On his back is a lute that has many dents and scratches that signify it is a well travelled instrument.

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