Please write a short overview of your character here. Write the entire article in past tense for consistency. Also keep images small. To be an accepted character, they must be discussed with all parties concerned (eg. the creators of the ideology) Finally, after confirmation, please make sure you change the category of your character from "Draft Characters" to "Completed Characters" in the "add category" area below. As always, try to use good spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Always remember: This universe is based upon and around these characters. Try to suggest as many links as you can. Eg. 'This hairstyle is popular at the moment', or 'His alcoholic nature is hindered by the amount of cheap liquor stores around'


These depend on the type of character, but player characters should always have at least one long term goal and one short term goal. They should define the direction of the character and what their ultimate fulfilment will be. This can be as bizarre as the character lends to, but every goal (acted upon) will define the world around it as discussed in the ideology of the CAKE RPG.


Please elaborate on the background of the character, including major events, family and other connections, and past experiences. Use past tense in chronological order. Underneath this please make a list of the relevant information so it is easy to remember.

Major events:

Family and other connections:

Past experiences:


Talk about their fears, character flaws, beliefs, aspirations, likes, and dislikes. Elaborate on them here, perhaps with examples from the character's background. This should also include alignment and maybe a catchphrase.

Aspirations: (these are similar to goals but the characters might not actively pursue an achievement in a campaign setting -eg. be a good person or become a writer)

Character flaws:


Dislikes: Strengths:







A lengthy description may not be necessary, but body type, hair style and colour, eyes, clothing, colour schemes and any equipment you would notice.

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