The Imperial Dating System was formed when King George Aron established the Human Imperium. It uses the seasons of Imperial City to denote the beginning and ending of years, and the city's days as standard days.

Typical StructureEdit

Many people use the Imperial Dating System. It is commonly used by the smallest relevant denomination, followed by its next largest, separated by slashes for dates and points for times.For example:

  • 01/01/10000 would be the first day of the first month of the ten-thousandth year
  • 001.001.01 would be the first second of the first minute of the first hour of the day.

It is often customary to drop the current age, since this is implicit to the year.

Daily TimeEdit

The Imperial Dating System relies on the daily time of Imperial City. Each day is split into 10 hours each consisting of 100 minutes. Each minute consists of 100 seconds. The beginning of the hour 5 represents the point when the sun is highest in the sky. The system is robust as Imperial City receives little to no fluctuations in its seasonal timing.

Yearly TimeEdit

The Imperial Dating System designates each year as 1000 Imperial days, with 10 months. Every 2 months represent each of Imperial City's 5 seasons. Each year is designated a number followed by the suffix IC, meaning Imperial City Time. Each month is designated by its number as with days. However, when it comes to the seasons, their names are based upon the role of that season:

  • Sow (the first season where plant seeds are planted)
  • Growth (the second season where plants grow)
  • Trim (the third season where the crops are maintained the most of the year. It is also the hottest season)
  • Harvest (the fourth season where the crops are harvested)
  • Toil (the fifth season where the soil is regenerated. It is also the coldest season)

Imperial AgesEdit

Every 1000 years is designated an age and given a specific name based upon the accomplishments of the Imperium during those years and as such they often represent the industrial achievements of the Imperium. Below are the ages the Imperium recognises:

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